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Things you should do When Necklaces Aren't The correct Length?

I designed a necklace for a friend of mine. Very nice, it was - sterling silver with small flowers on it (they looked like daisies but that is all in the eye of the beholder). Ash wanted a 16 inch chain and that is what I designed and she was thrilled. The other day, having said that, she asked about this and stated that she'd like the chain to be slightly longer.

Sure, I said. I could lengthen the chain making the daisies drop down a bit if she wore it and she was OK with that. Until she thought that she then wouldn't be able to use it as a 16 in. chain!

No, I didn't hit my head against a wall. But I did advise a silver necklace extender. It's a little piece of chain that you simply add to the ends of your necklace and lengthens it. When you'd like it at the primary length you merely take away the extender and there it is - back to how it was! Ash tried it out and yes it worked as prescribed so she was content and i also did not have to alter the necklace. Result!


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New Project - Rings Out Of Spoons

I've got to tell you that my most recent endeavor was ... stolen...coppied ... from somebody else. I was looking and I saw this page from another person and I thought it was an awesome plan. Essentially, they started out with old/antique silver spoons that just weren't in the best of condition (they had scuff marks, notches and so on) so didn't really appear sensible to mend them for the use these were intended for. So Milo (I believe that's his/her name) made a decision to use the handles and fold them into shape to make a ring.

<img src="" width="680" height="225" />

I had a go by myself and commenced with normal steel spoons (I didn't have silver spoons hanging around however i did butcher one of my spoons from me home!). The bending by itself wasn't the toughest part though it wasn't easy to get the ring to the correct size (my fingers are not huge but I undoubtedly required the ring to fit properly). The end result was pleasing in my opinion - the spoon I choose has a nice pattern along the side and also at the end of the handle that displays well around the finger. I noticed that Milo had employed the bowl portion of the spoon to help make pendants however, in truth, the results wasn't as effective as the ring IMHO (even though still very nice!)

I will be searching for some other distinctive spoons - silver, with wonderful shapes, etc. and I shall be doing some rings in sterling silver. Milo has been tinkering with various finishes to the rings like oxidisation which could be fun to go into and the ring I produced firstly is incredibly plain - simply the ring and I did not do any cleaning so this is going to be a thing I'm going to do in the near future - I don't know what effect I'll pick but will be fun finding out.


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Happy Bday Lovely Little Chloe

The other day it was the birthday of my little niece, Chloe. She's a lovely little lady - 6 yrs . old and she knows every little thing! She's right now in the girlie phase, if you know what i'm saying. Everything really needs to be pink; wardrobe, shoes, head band, handbag (so she is like mummy!) and she's as cute as a button.

She had a birthday bash which has been a wild party. There ended up about 30 or so other 6 year olds and the amount of vigor they had was fantastic. If you could take advantage of it you could power a complete city! You could see that Chloe enjoyed the whole occasion however i think she particularly enjoyed being the centre of attention and accepted being the hostess-with-the-mostest like a duck to water. She greeted everyone as soon as they arrived on the scene, shared herself about once they were at the party as well as let one or two of them win a prize in the games (not many,'s her birthday party, of course) then when the time to depart came she waved folks off whilst providing them with a little "thank you for coming" gift.

Just before thier food was served, Chloe performed the "present opening" ceremony. Presents were obtained as soon as the other youngsters arrived at the party and they all gathered around for Chloe to unwrap them all. She did each of the expected "Lovely", "Look, Mummy, it is every bit precisely what I want". I get the impression she was told what things to say beforehand because you would not want anything to get unwrapped and have a tiny voice call out "Oh no - that's horrible" while the gift giver looks on In any event, Chloe reached my gift and unwrapped it. I did not really know what to get her. Some clothes would have been great, obviously, although the stereotype of homosexual guys and excellent dress sense does not hold out with all of us. I was tempted to make her an item of bit of of children's silver jewelry but I was not sure about it. Now i'm accustomed to making full-sized pieces and when I attempted in the past to make something for a child (it had been a little silver flower pendant to be put on a chain) it did not look perfect and was out of proportion. I will look into it a little more before I'm at the point where I can happily give a piece to someone. Anyway, I discovered a wonderful little sterling silver angel necklace with red enamel dress and it looked perfect for Chloe. It arrived in an attractive red box which was convenient as it was good enough to give someone. Chloe unwrapped the angel and you could tell she appreciated it. She put it on at once and it really suited her plus it was good she spent the remainder of the afternoon wearing it and that i was content that it was a good purchase and would be adored.

In general, yesterday had been a beautiful day. Little Chloe is not as little as she was and is maturing so quickly. It defintely won't be long until she'll need a car on her birthday but that's a challenge for her dad and not Uncle Brad (mercifully)

Best wishes


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Shiny Is Sweet - Plain Is Bad

Ever since I was a young lad I have liked shiny things. I'm not referring to bottle tops (am I demonstrating my age now?) but jewellery. I remember pleading with my mum to buy me some earrings and although she nearly did, my dad would not allow it. He said "No boy of mine is going to put on girls earrings". Not that I was going to because, in fact, there are numerous jewellery designs for males but dad was...old-fashioned, shall we say. But it didn't stop me and he didn't discover for many years that I had a piercing hole in my ear so when I left the house I'd put in a rather nice clear cubic zirconia stud. Nice and sparkly...just the thing I needed. My dad never observed me putting it on and I do think it could have killed him ahead of his time! I did show mother once or twice and she loved it.

Before I go any longer, I don't want to give the wrong impression. I don't go walking around wearing a diamond tiara and diamond necklaces. I am not a drag queen attempting to out sparkle everyone. I just appreciate that there is a chunk of beauty on earth and it has guided me in my adult life. Why? Well, I've become a jewelry designer and am studying it at university. I often sneak round the internet searching for ideas for my work and even though I still like wearing my very own jewelry, I mainly would rather design for ladies (who are able to wear sparkly things!)

Exactly why am I writing this message? Well, I'm going to set up an area on the internet where I'm able to put my thoughts on a page. Have a webpage where I can share designs and tips.

Here it is and i also want to see you again soon!

All the best

Brad M


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